August 8, 2016


List of recent media exposure items:

Third presidential debate: commentary on focus topic of Middle East instability and financing of terrorism mentions MANTIS project and my research into organization of looting in the area. October 2016

Canada’s National Post columnist refers to my work in covering ISIL’s iconoclasm and referring to the untapped archaeological potential of Iraq and Syria. October 2016

My article inĀ Document Journal discusses creative responses to the destruction of cultural heritage in the Islamic State by Lebanese artist Ali Cherri. October 2016

Essay about the monetary value of ISIS’s trade in antiquities, originally published in The Conversation and covered in the Washington Post’s weekly news roundup. June 2016

Art Basel “Salon” panel series, session on art looting and its consequences. June 2016

NPR talk show, “World View,” discussing the global antiquities market. May 2016

American Sociological Association’s Policy Trajectories blog, post about cultural destruction and UNESCO policy. May 2016